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The state-based Relief and Recovery Communications Working Group (RRCWG) has developed ‘recovery document portals’ to assist council communications staff in finding relief and recovery web pages and document templates.

The information found in these portals should be referenced to in the development of key messages and website and social media content in the recovery phases from an emergency event.   The information should be considered as supplementary to the high-level key messages found on

These portals will be continuously updated and maintained as necessary.




Change History


Release 4 – 06/06/2019

Addition of the Business Services Recovery Guide to all portals

Release 3 – 31/05/2018

Links on all Relief & Recovery Document Portals refreshed and updated.

Release 2 – 25/01/2017

New portal for other emergencies added.

Release 1 – 14/11/2016

Initial icons for Relief & Recovery Document Portals.  New icons will be added as required.