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Joint Standard Operating Procedures (JSOPs)


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JSOP – Summary of Changes

JSOP – Control List

JSOP – Table of Contents


2. Operational Preparedness

J02.02 – Incident Communications Planning

J02.03 – Incident Management Team – Readiness Arrangements

J02.04 – Local Knowledge - Bushfire

J02.06 – Aviation Resources Readiness (Bushfire)


3. Operational Response

J03.02 – Incident Naming - Major Emergencies

J03.03 – Incident Action Planning

J03.04 – Incident Safety Management Functions

J03.06 – Incident Briefings

J03.08 – Appointment of Class 1 Regional Controllers and Incident Controllers

J03.09 – Resource Request Process

J03.10 – Traffic Management

J03.11 – Red Flag Warnings

J03.12 – Evacuation for Major Emergencies

J03.15 - Transfer Of Control And IMT Relocation for Class 1 Emergencies

J03.16 - Significant Event Notification

J03.17 - Regional Operations Plans

J03.18 – Incident Air Monitoring and Advice for Community Health  

J03.19 – Managing Significant Community Exposure to Fine Particles and Carbon Monoxide in Smoke from Fires


4. Community Information

J04.01 – Public Information and Warnings for Class 1 Emergencies


8. Safety

J08.01 – OH&S Incident Reporting and Investigation - Major Emergencies

J08.02 – Dynamic Risk Assessment

J08.03 – Tree Hazard - Fire

J08.04 – Managing Potential Asbestos Exposure

J08.05 – Health Monitoring - Emergency Personnel


12. Performance Monitoring and Improvement

J12.01 – Real Time Monitoring and Evaluation


Emergency Management Victoria - Operating Procedures

EMV Procedures – Incident Management



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